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Funda Kunye

Funda Kunye

Funda Kunye means ‘Learn Together’ in isiXhosa and was founded in Feb 2020 by Karen Temlett and Carina Van Der Merwe who share the same objectives to teach and train caregivers in the ECD sector in informal areas. 

Carina is an O.T. and Karen is a Pre-school teacher and with over 20 years of experience between them, they aim to empower, equip and support caregivers about the importance of age appropriate stimulation, nurture and support for the children in their care focusing on 3 month old babies to 3 year old toddlers. This will create a space where we can learn and grow together to impact the educational standards of a community. Ultimately, the correct care and stimulation in the first few years can reduce developmental delays and/or challenges later in these children’s lives. This can change the trajectory of their future.

We offer two courses: 

Baby course, focusing on 3-12 month old babies

Toddler Course, focusing on 12-36 month old toddlers

Our courses cover the most important aspects of early childhood development and education. Each course provides an opportunity to work within a group environment, as a team member and to learn from one another in a safe and secure space. 

We have trained over 40 ladies from our local community since Feb 2020 and have two training sessions per week consisting of 2 hour sessions over an 8-10 week period. 

Each course costs R500.00 and once the course is complete the caregivers receive a certificate.

There is an easy to use, weekly, themed programme which the caregivers are able to purchase and utilise in their daycares once the training is complete.

As yet, we are not funded so any and all donations would be much appreciated for us to continue doing what we do by making a difference in the lives of little ones!

We are a registered NPC, NPO and PBO and are able to issue donation receipts for tax benefits.



Insta: funda_kunye

Feel free to contact: Karen: or 082 417 4871 or Carina: or 083 642 3652

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