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EYETHU Hout Bay Skatepark

EYETHU Hout Bay Skatepark

A public skate park in Hout Bay that caters for all and brings communities together.
EYETHU is a Nguni word meaning “our”. It is also an affirmation of shared ownership or partnership. The proposal for a skate park at the new Hout Bay Sports Ground aims to help create a truly public space for both community use and to promote youth development. A space is needed where people can share and experience common interests. A new South African Space. A safe space for all, from all walks of life. Rotary Hout Bay is making this community space a reality. Building a community through public space that caters for all and brings the community together is the Rotary Hout Bay promise – Turning the Eyethu Skate Park into reality. The site is located at the confluence point of three different demographic areas in the centre of Hout Bay, providing an opportunity for integration through the creation of a new South African space where people can share and experience common interests through skating and other sporting activities. The inception of the proposal resulted from a clear increase of underprivileged children who were riding on makeshift skateboards in and around roads, endangering themselves. Matthew Johnson, an experienced skater (having lived and skated in Hout Bay for over 10 years) is very familiar with the current situation and the lack of facilities for such activities especially for those less fortunate.
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