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David Beckett Hout Bay Beach clean up Executive

David Beckett Hout Bay Beach clean up Executive

I met a lady named Carolina Sevilla on Instagram. Carolina is the owner of 5 minutes Beach clean up. I saw her pictures on Instagram. I decided I want to do beach clean up, so 1st March 2017 I started my solo beach clean up. It was the best choice I made!  Well I did very well with Beach clean up March and April but time flies quickly. I made my mom and Dad proud of me. I was meeting nice people from HoutBay and they were proud of me too. Then Beach clean up 2019 came and had 8 months off, due to a slipped disk. I had surgery on 15 August 2019 and I had to do rehab exercises for my lower back but I never gave up for getting back to work on the beach. On 8th January 2020 I came back to work on the beach clean up job full time.  It was a good thing, I am so proud of never giving up and I made up those 8 months lost due to injury. Two weeks ago my dad called me and says; “Big Dave, I need your bank account details. A  woman saw you on you Beach clean up duty and wants to make a donation to you”.  That made me smile.  1st March 2021 is my 4 year Anniversary as David’s HoutBay Beach clean up man!
I love my Hout Bay Community and I appreciate all the love and support! xoxo
David Beckett
Hout Bay Beach clean up Executive
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